Tuesday Night Tournament

Tournament Overview

Our Tuesday Night Tournament is a 10 tournament series on the Arkansas River out of the Verizon Ramp.

  • We will begin the 2021 season on April 2 (river conditions permitting).
  • Our top 30 teams, plus 5 wild card teams will battle it out at in the year-end, salelight to 3:00 pm championship!
  • First place for each tournament will be a guaranteed, but not limited to $1000!

General Dates/Timeline

  • Tournaments start April 2 and will be held every other Tuesday as river conditions allow.
  • Tournaments are all 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Stay Up-to-Date

Tournament Updates



Inclement Weather Policy

We will not fish if pool 6 is over the Corps of Engineers small craft advisory of 70,000 cubic feet per second (cfs).

If you would like to check the flow for yourself at anytime, please check the US Army Corps of Engineers website or download their app on your smartphone by searching “USACE Little Rock” and choose the app with the white and red castle. Pool 6 flow is what is shown coming out of Murray L&D.

We will not take off with lightning. Tournament cancellations will vary depending on the severity of storms.

Please call (501) 834-5733 for questions or concerns about specific weather.


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The following rules will remain unchanged throughout all events unless state or local laws conflict. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final in all matters. It is at the director’s discretion to make change(s) where safety is a concern.


At no time during tournament hours are any alcoholic beverages or drugs, other than those prescribed by a doctor allowed in the boat or to be consumed.


All teams are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any team who displays poor sportsmanship, or violates these rules, state and local laws, or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified.


There are no horsepower limits. No engine may exceed the B.I.A. horsepower rating for the boat. All boats must meet federal and state regulations. All boats must have an emergency “Kill Switch” and have it attached to the drivers life jacket which is to be worn anytime the outboard is running. All boats must have an aerated livewell large enough to sustain a tournament limit in releasable condition.


Boating safety must be observed at all times. A U.S. Coast Guard Approved chest style life jacket must be on and securely fastened anytime the outboard is running. A working “kill switch” must be attached to the driver’s life jacket.


All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner. Intentional snagging of fish is not allowed. No trolling baits is allowed. No live or prepared bait is permitted with the exception of pork rinds. Liquid fish attractants are allowed. Only one rod and rel may be used at one time. Other rods may be in the for for use, however, every cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is made. Rods may not exceed ten feet in length.


All protests must be submitted in writing within 15 minutes of the final weigh-in.


All contestants are subject to a polygraph test. Failure to submit to a polygraph test will result in immediate, season long disqualification. Any contestant who has failed a polygraph test in conjunction with any Bass Tournament may not be eligible to compete.


Each team may weigh five fish with a 14” minimum length on largemouth bass and 12” minimum length on Kentucky bass when weighed on a flat board (Gator Grip Pro Series Board) with mouth closed and tail compressed. If more than five fish are in the livewell at any time, you will be disqualified. Tournament standing will be determined by total weight. Only largemouth, spotted, red-eye, or smallmouth bass will be scored. Any team weighing in a fish shorter than the legal tournament length will be assessed a one pounded penalty and the loss of the short fish. Each team is required to leave from and return to the Verizon Ramp. Any team returning to the checkpoint late will be disqualified.


Points are awarded as one point per pound weighed in. Five bonus points are awarded for the team entries paid in person by a team member prior to 2:00 pm on tournament Tuesday. Teams MUST check in with their boat number paddle prior to leaving the tournament whether or not the team is weighing fish. PLEASE turn in your paddle so we know all anglers are off the water and safe.


All fishing must be done from a previously inspected boat. No tube or wade fishing is allowed. Boats may not be trailered to and from the weigh-in during the tournament unless under direction of the tournament director. No fishing is allowed within 50 yards of another anchored or tied boat which has it’s trolling motor out of the water. Both team members must fish out of the same boat. Only contestants may be in the boat during tournament hours. Having a non-contestant sit on a hole for you will not be tolerated. Only pools 5, 6, and 7 are permitted to fish in during tournament hours.


Fishing is not permitted in any water in the Verizon Ramp launch area. This area spans from the first point down river of the ramp to the first big oak tree on the upriver size of the highway bridge (these boundaries will be reiterated prior to take-off at each tournament). Anglers must abide by any current state or federal off-limits areas.


Registration will be held at Fish ‘N Stuff prior to, and until 2:00 pm on “tournament Tuesday”. Five bonus points will be awarded to each team which registers in person prior to the deadline. Registration at the Verizon Ramp will be taken until 6:15 pm. Cash entries only when registering at the ramp. All boats must launch from the Verizon ramp in North Little Rock. All livewells must be checked by tournament staff prior to launching. Tournament dates are subject to change with river conditions. It is your responsibility to verify a tournament will be held if river conditions are in question. Please call Fish ‘N Stuff (501) 834-5733 with any schedule questions.


Adequate livewells are mandatory on each boat and must be provide adequate aeration to maintain fish in good condition as every effort will be made to release every fish alive following the tournament.